image of Early Education Center students enjoying play time

Our schools bring together supports and opportunities for children, youth, families, and communities to ensure physical, social, and emotional health to live and learn in safe and supportive communities.

Our community charter schools aim to close the achievement gap for children, especially English Language Learners (ELLs), living in chronic poverty by providing: (1) High-quality education—project-based learning that fosters creative problem-solving and innovation while emphasizing literacy and language arts; (2) Resources and services for children and families at school sites—access to early intervention, mental health, and family support services; and (3) Parent engagement and skill building—leadership development for parents to support their children’s academic achievement and build family strength.

Para los Ninos total services provided - Charter Schools 2016-2017

The three Para Los Niños Charter Schools continue to build on past success to accelerate the trajectory of positive outcomes for our students. Thanks to stability in our school leadership, staff and especially our teachers, we are seeing gains in student attendance, internal assessments and statewide assessment results. The school network is buoyed by solid instructional leadership teams at each site, working in concert to support rigorous teaching and collaboration.

At Gratts Primary Center, which for many students is a first experience in school of any kind, our teachers and staff began connecting their data dialogues with parent surveys and input.That effort, coupled with the adoption of a new math program, lifted academic proficiency in mathematics for the 2016-17 school year.We have experienced a 20% growth in proficiency levels for students in the last two school years alone.

At Para Los Niños Charter Elementary School, we also adopted a new math program, deepened our data analysis—with a laser focus on our large population of English Learners—and continued to build our teaching faculty’s expertise, both veteran and new. As a result, the school saw double-digit gains for students taking the state Math and English Language Arts assessments and a jump in our English Learner reclassification rate. We also began supplementing our science and math curriculum for our upper grades with a new robotics/STEM program.As a result of our efforts to offer quality education programs, the Los Angeles School District extended the school’s charter by an additional five years.

Our Charter Middle School experienced a year of change and growth made possible by curriculum tune-ups, including the incorporation of Achieve 3000, a digital methodology tracking student progress in reading, comprehension and application derived from complex text.The program was implemented to work across content areas and increase access to reading material at students’ “just right level.”

Our team also identified math gaps and began addressing them with the roll out of the IronBox Math Intervention program, providing grades 6-8 with diagnostics assessing fundamental mathematical skills and targeted skill development. We continued to see State Assessment gains that increase as students stay with Para Los Niños for successive years.

In addition, the campus saw its extra-curricular offerings jump with a strategic development of its Athletic Program and the Univision Media Center program, now in its second school year in operation. In 2018, the Charter Middle School’s unrelenting commitment to STEM career preparation will reach astronomical heights when its student body will connect directly with astronauts in-flight in a special partnership between NASA and Univision.

Our After School Program provided services to over 700 students, ranging from transitional kindergarten to grade eight. The programs focused on providing students with a safe and engaging enrichment environment, supporting cross-campus core instructional curriculum with activities that also reinforce and enhance academic achievement while incorporating parent engagement.The program boasts a near 100% in parent- student satisfaction rating of its daily program, overall program quality and learning & development benchmarks.