Para Los Niños Impact Story: Josefina and Jennifer

Veronica Corona joined the Best Start Metro LA (BSMLA) program nearly three years ago. Extremely shy, hesitant and self-isolated,Veronica notified us she would be leaving the group within the week.With time and guidance from staff,Veronica began to feel comfortable sharing her opinions, taking on leadership roles and deepening investment in the program.

Soon after, the NLG (Neighborhood Leadership Group) elected Veronica as one of their core representatives to lead weekly planning agendas, facilitating meetings, and disseminating updates at other NLG meetings. Unfortunately, just when Veronica was coming in to her own, tragedy struck as she came down with a debilitating illness and was hospitalized in critical condition. Her fellow NLG members launched joint efforts to support Veronica by soliciting donations to support her medical bills and household expenses.The group visited and called Veronica daily to encourage a speedy recovery.Veronica was so surprised and thankful for the support that she couldn’t wait to return to our program.

Once her health improved,Veronica decided to direct her focus and energy to our Communications Task Force (CTF) where she puts her artistic skills to work.Through CTF, she has become computer savvy and supports her team’s marketing outreach. She even penned and directed a play, performed by her fellow NLG members, to promote the program’s ‘Pledge Towards a Culture of Respect’ to help reduce community violence.Through her involvement in the CTF,Veronica has been interviewed by KPFK Radio, and manages a YouTube channel which features interviews with community members and local leaders.

Today, she credits Para Los Niños-BSMLA for her children’s pride in her accomplishments and a polished determination to succeed.