image of Early Education Center students enjoying play time

Para Los Niños’ Family and Community Services stretch throughout our three charter schools and into the communities that include Echo Park, East Hollywood, East LA, Rampart/Westlake, Skid Row, and Koreatown in the Metro Area and South LA.

Within our three Charter Schools we support our students and families with the support of the Family Advocates, who provide Nurturing Parenting classes, social skills classes, linkage to mental health services, resource support and in-home counseling to families that attend our schools.

Our Family and Community Services programs are active and connected to a vast network of supports that exist to strengthen families and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and maltreatment through ongoing child and parental/caregiver supports, education, community building events, and community change and advocacy capacity building. In addition, Family and Community Services provides specific support to victims of domestic violence as they work through leaving all they have to escape violence, isolation, fear and trauma to re-engage with a new community, support their children, develop coping skills that will allow them to engage in positive social relationships, increase their confidence and self-worth, and finally, to actively join the workforce in ways that establish a career pathway.

Family and Community Services actively seeks to create safe, supportive, nurturing homes and communities in partnership with the families we serve and the community resources surrounding them.