from the Board Chair and Our President & CEO


Dear Members of the Para Los Niños Community,

What an exciting year this has been for Para Los Niños with Dr. Drew Furedi, our new President and Chief Executive Officer, at the helm. With his decades of experience as an educator, both in the classroom and in administration, and with his deep respect for and commitment to the community we serve, Drew has brought a unique perspective and drive to our mission. In his first year as the leader of our multifaceted organization, Drew has fostered a culture of compassionate service for our families. He has also empowered our nearly 400 employees across our early education, charter school and community services programs to work collaboratively to provide the most effective services to our children and families.

We have remained particularly attuned this year to the needs of the community we have served from the beginning—the underserved population in and around Downtown Los Angeles—and have focused on how we can best utilize our unique strengths and experience to support that community during this very challenging time. We are more persuaded than ever that our unique model—a strong educational foundation combined with compassionate social services—gives our children and families the best chance for success in life.

We are fortunate to have alumni, friends, and supporters like you who share our convictions. This year marked the 36th anniversary of our organization—a milestone celebrating 60,000 families uplifted from the depths of poverty. Our Fiesta Para Los Niños Gala honored some amazing partners and friends including media network Univision Communications Inc. (Partner of the Year) and Netflix’s One Day at a Time (Vanguard Award). The show’s lead, Justina Machado, served as our dynamic emcee with L.A. Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff, Ana Guerrero, delivering a powerful keynote address on the city’s work and its positive impact on our youth, exemplified by our very own Youth Workforce Services graduate and now Para Los Niños employee, Nieves Rico, a key member of our Development Department.

For nearly four decades, Para Los Niños has had a profound impact on the City of Los Angeles, and has inspired a community of donors who support our mission and appreciate that, together, we can make a fundamental difference in the lives of our children and families, and provide a better tomorrow for future generations.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend our sincere thanks for your continued support and passion for what we do.

Marjorie Ehrich Lewis
Board Chair



Dear Members of the Para Los Niños Family,

As I reflect on my first year as the President & CEO of Para Los Niños, I realize how fortunate I am to work alongside an amazing team working in partnership with thousands of kids and families across Los Angeles. The tremendous impact on the lives of the children and families we serve is a testament to our culture of excellence, community-focus and compassionate approach.

Whether it be work with young adults, our rigorous academic programs, therapeutic school supports, the work we do with the very young (sometimes children just weeks old), parent training and support efforts, or the simply extraordinary work across the organization every day by our operations, facilities, finance and human resource teams – we all strive to make Para Los Niños the model of excellence in urban education with integrated, comprehensive family support services that create pathways to sustainable success in the communities we serve.

One highlight from this year was the Fiesta Para Los Niños Gala – a vibrant display of culture, commitment and success celebrating the 60,000 children and families we have impacted through almost four decades. This year’s event was a spirited soiree in Downtown LA’s Arts District, just blocks from our original location on 6th Street; punctuated by student performances, youth art on the walls, and student-created LA-landmark centerpieces—every bit of the evening was by the children and for the children.

But what that event—and every day—truly signifies is that in the midst of a challenging world around us, our kids and families are succeeding. Despite life’s obstacles and challenges, and in a time when our kids and families might easily be ignored or forgotten by some, our youth are filled with promise and becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Our charter schools are on the rise, our early education program is growing stronger every day and we are expanding the reach of our programs serving young Angelenos– all while our school and community-based services are deepening in impact.

This is a testament to our model—we are an education organization that deeply believes in its integrated, comprehensive wrap-around service delivery as a path to success.

Thank you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the entire Para Los Niños team and on behalf of the kids and families we work alongside, for your partnership, your support, and your endless encouragement.

Drew Furedi
President & CEO