image from the Tina and Rick J. Caruso Early Education Center

Para Los Niños Charter Middle School Campus in Downtown Los Angeles

Para Los Niños continued to upgrade the supports provided to our programs by hiring a new Chief Operations Officer, Sarah Figueroa and a new Vice President of Human Resources, Deanette Brewer. With these moves, PLN took important steps in creating an organization better attuned to the needs of our people—our most important asset—while also strengthening the systems and operations (IT, safety, etc.) that support our work. We immediately saw an impact with a stronger retention rate, revamped recruitment and selection practices in addition to a 5% decrease in our Worker’s Compensation premium (which brings claims down 25% in just two years). 

In the wake of national tragedies, we elevated safety and updated our lockdown/shelter-in-place training across the organization; the Charter Elementary took it a step further and performed a full mock-drill of a disaster and executed it with flying colors. Next year we plan to launch our Crisis Response Team and Emergency Communication System for the entire network. 

After the sale of the former administrative building, which increased cash reserves by 1200%, the Hollywood site became the PLN Headquarters. It went through an extensive renovation to convert an open layout into offices and work spaces for the HR, Finance and Facilities teams. Construction of the new Administrative Offices at 7th Street were completed and the new space houses the President & CEO and administrative support teams.