image of student at Gratts Primary Education Center

Our pedagogy is built on a foundation of strong children, families and communities. To that end, we offer access to mental health and other family supportive services at each school site, and those providers are members of the school community. In addition, parents support their children’s learning by participating in a variety of activities, from governance to workshops on a range of issues including advocacy, English as a Second Language and parenting.

There were close to 15,000 mental health contacts made with Para Los Niños clients, for context, that totals just over 40 daily contacts—seven days a week. Contacts include individual and family therapy, assessing client needs, and developing responsive treatment plans for clients and their families. 62% of overall mental health clients come from our schools.

Given that mental health services for children and adolescents in the United States has been deemed a national public health crisis due to limited access to quality and affordable mental health services, the number of mental health contacts made with children and families is a powerful testament to our commitment to supporting children and their families.