image of Early Education Center students enjoying play time

Early Education Center students at lunchtime

Para Los Niños understands that the very foundation of our being is constructed during the first five years of childhood. The experience of the world, relationships, attachment, nutrition and education we receive during our 0-5 years are the developmental jumping off points that lead to confidence, identity, positive social relationships and future success in life. We also understand that especially during these years, one cannot support the child without also supporting the caregivers as they grow into their new roles.

To give children the best possible opportunities, we offer programs that connect to mothers in our community before going into labor. We walk with pregnant mothers through the changes, expectations, safety measures, emotional support, child development education, and concrete supports to bring a healthy child into the world and create a meaningful attachment with that child. We support young children’s socio-emotional development through conjoint mental health services and occupational therapy, mothers through post-partum depression and anxiety, couples and caregivers through navigating the first five years of their child’s life and appropriate developmental expectations, caregivers with age-appropriate community play and attachment opportunities, father’s with men’s support groups, and domestic violence survivors with life giving community support.

Part of our Zero to Five programs includes our Nurturing Parent program, a resource providing young parents with the skills and tools needed for parenthood, saw a whopping 50% of its participants improve their competencies in holding appropriate expectations for their children and establishing appropriate family roles in their homes. Many times abuse or neglect occurs because an adult does not understand a child’s developmental needs and perceives a child’s inability to perform as willful, deliberate disobedience. When caregivers gain greater understanding of what to expect of their children at different ages, increases in empathy and patience also increase and the likelihood of abuse goes down.

We work to create safe, nurturing, and healthy environments for all families and their small children within our communities, early education sites and primary grades with the goal of creating secure, healthy, curious and resilient children ready for school.