Trusted by the Families We Serve

Our leadership team is a passionately talented network of professionals committed to uplifting our families out of poverty and into brighter futures. Our leadership is comprised of licensed professionals, community leaders, and devoted alumni.

“Para Los Niños means hope, motivation, confidence…it’s a refuge—our second home.”

—A Para Los Niños Parent

President & Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Vice President of Human Resources

Vice President of Early Education

Superintendent & Vice President of Charter Schools

Vice President of Student and Community Services

Principal, Charter Elementary School

Director of Community Transformation

Director of Donor Relations

Director of Zero to Five Services

Interim Middle School Assistant Principal

Director of Communications & Marketing

Principal, Charter Middle School

Director of Extended Learning

Director of Compliance & Risk

Director of Instructional Support Services Charter Schools Division

Director of Human Resources

Director of Operations and Procurement

Director of Youth Workforce Services

Director of Outcomes and Community Impact

Principal, Gratts Primary Center

Director of Information Technology

Director of School Age Services

Director of Family Services

Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations

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