Superintendent & Vice President of Charter Schools

Dr. Esparza has 25 years of experience as a bilingual educator in both elementary and secondary settings as well as in higher education throughout Los Angeles and recently with the Boston Public Schools. She has served in education for 25 years in several capacities, which include bilingual classroom teacher, school site categorical programs adviser/facilitator in both elementary and secondary, English Learner (EL) program administrator, a Principal at the secondary level (7th-12th grade), as a teacher in Higher Education and as an Assistant Superintendent of Boston Public Schools. Her roles have been to support and monitor the implementation of instructionally focused EL programs as she has an in-depth knowledge of instruction for ELs, Standard English Learners (SELs), EL students with disabilities, EL students identified as gifted and talented, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

Frances holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California (USC), a Teaching Credential from California State University in Los Angeles, a School Business Management Certification from USC, an M.S. in Educational Leadership & Psychology, an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Administration Policy from Pepperdine University, and an Executive Leadership Business Certification & Alumni status from Harvard Business School.

Dr. Esparza is a committed and dedicated educator, ready to serve and support the students and families of Para Los Niños. She looks forward to working to provide highly effective instructional programs and services that will increase student achievement while simultaneously decreasing the achievement gap.

Frances Esparza
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