PLN Parents Complete BSMLA Leadership Workshops

We are happy to announce that this morning, the very first cohort of PLN parents representing the 3 PLN Charter Schools celebrated the completion of the Best Start Metro Los Angeles Leadership Workshops! The 10 series workshops were co-facilitated by Blanca Valdez, BSMLA Community Promotora II, Elva Bran, PLN Community Promotora, and Patty Santiago, Gratts Primary Center Parent Volunteer. A total of 11 PLN parents dedicated approximately 30 hours polishing and learning new leadership skills in the following topics: PLN’s history, programs, and services, group decision making, advocacy, leadership styles, communication, developing action plans, conflict resolution, and evaluation.

One of the parents, Brittany Barnes, shared that she is very thankful for the support that Mr. Ramirez, Principal at Gratts, always provides her with the opportunity to participate in the workshops. She said, “I was contemplating about returning to school but I was feeling pretty down. By participating in the workshops, I felt like I was back in school. We worked together, had to develop action plans, do research and present before our peers. It was a really great learning experience and it helped build my self-esteem again. I wish the classes would continue.”

Our next steps are to take the workshops to all three charter schools beginning early next year (2018). Six parents from this group signed up to return as co-facilitators for those workshops. Many expressed that they are excited to share this opportunity with other PLN parents because they will help support the schools. Brittany was one of the parents that signed up to return to co-facilitate the series at Gratts.