Para Los Niños Charter Middle School

Para Los Niños opened a new state of the art Middle School in August 2013.

About the School

School Website:

Building on the success of the elementary school, we strive to provide a rigorous, supportive, and interdisciplinary arts and sciences curriculum in a nurturing and safe environment.

Para Los Niños Charter Middle School curriculum is rooted in STEAM:  Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering and the Arts all based in Mathematical elements. This education framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all members of any education system.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that all our students graduate Para Los Niños Charter Middle School prepared to enter a college-track curriculum in secondary school. Para Los Niños Charter Middle School teachers and staff will collaborate with each other, students, and expert community members to develop an academically rigorous and personally meaningful educational program. In addition to math, science, language arts, and social studies, Para Los Niños Charter Middle School students will participate in music, art, and physical education programs.

All families of Para Los Niños Charter Middle School will have access to Para Los Niños’ comprehensive family support and after-school services. Hard-working parents can send their students to school knowing that their children are receiving the highest-quality care for up to eleven full hours a day. This generous schedule allows parents to work or attend school and ensures that children are not left alone in the crucial after-school hours.

For more information about the Para Los Niños Middle School, please contact Office Manager, Viviana Guzman,

Our After-school Program

The Para Los Niños After-School program serves Kinder to 7th-grade students at our Charter Elementary School and Charter Middle School. Our program is designed to provide all students with a safe and engaging environment. All of our after-school activities support the general education core curriculum with academic enrichment activities to reinforce and enhance student achievement.

Our goal is to improve the academic performance and scholastic success of students in the program by providing high-quality academic programming after school. To meet this goal, the program offers homework support, academic learning centers, recreation, enrichment activities, and linkages to other community partners to provide students with access arts, music, and other educational enrichment activities.


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