Youth Workforce Services

Expanding our commitment to Workforce Development and Financial Stability for families, Para Los Niños provides Youth Workforce Services (YWS) in the East Los Angeles area and focuses on dropout recovery and prevention.

About YWS

Para Los Niños recognizes that the best path to higher lifelong earnings is a good education and consistent work experience. In partnership with the City of Los Angeles’ Economic and Workforce Development Department and LAUSD, Para Los Niños reengages disconnected youth back to school and the workforce, encouraging and motivating youth ages 16-24 to stay or re-engage in school and the workforce.

YWS Supportive Services

We provide seamless, integrated and comprehensive academic, workforce and post-secondary education preparation and training, including paid and unpaid work experience, basic skills training, computer literacy, mentoring, career counseling, job placement, case management, assistance to in meeting graduation and admission requirements, as well as applying for financial aid and scholarships.

YWS offers linkage to after-school tutoring, art workshops, music workshops, leadership building events, college visits, SAT preparation classes, peer and adult mentoring, and field trips — services provided by our center and partner agency programs or local businesses. Para Los Niños has also been able to expand the scope of its services to youth as young as 14 through our paid work experience program.

If you are ages 16-24 and are interested in a work internship or re-engaging back into school, please call us at (323) 275-9309.

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