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Para Los Niños recognizes that poverty and chronic stress can result in significant barriers to learning.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Para Los Niños is committed to mitigating the impacts of multiple stressors on the lives of the youngest children in our society and their parents. Starting with the transition into parenthood for a pregnant mother or couple, through to transitioning their child into first grade.

PLN provides pre-natal support and post-partum psychotherapy to new mothers, in-home counseling, safety planning, parenting and support understanding child development and age appropriate expectations.

In the community and our Early Education centers, through clinicians and trainees, PLN provides specialized mental health services to children using evidenced base practices such as Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) as well as cognitive behavioral therapy.

To support pre-verbal children and young children learning to understand their bodies and communicate, PLN has specialists and an Occupational Therapist who focus on sensory integration as a means to connecting mind to body and being able to work through the early impacts of trauma.

It is our goal to catch these issues as early as possible to address and support parents toward the safety, well-being and cognitive development of their children.

If you are pregnant or not quite a year post-partum, you can connect to services by calling
(213) 413-1466 and asking for Partnerships for Families program.

If you are looking for mental health wellness support for you and your 0-5 child, you can connect to those services by calling (213) 623-8446.

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