2019 Community Partner of the Year

Loyola High School of Los Angeles

As Chairman of the Board of Loyola High School of Los Angeles and a Board Member Emeritus of Para Los Niños, I am proud to share that Para Los Niños will honor Loyola High School of Los Angeles as Community Partner of the Year at their 2019 Annual Benefit on May 15th at the Line LA. This event will bring together two outstanding organizations that I care about deeply.


Tina and I have been involved with Para Los Niños (PLN) since its founding, and we are so inspired by the growing impact the organization has every year. As many of you know, PLN provides education and critical wraparound support to thousands of children, youth and adults in many of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable communities. In the Skid Row area, we are incredibly proud of the Para Los Niños Tina and Rick Caruso Early Education Center which does amazing work for children and their families.


Since 1984, Loyola High School of Los Angeles (LHS) has partnered with PLN for the Senior Service Project. This project is the capstone of Loyola’s service program and an essential requirement for graduation. Each January, LHS seniors work in up to 90 non-profit organizations across the city serving those in need who may be poor, disenfranchised or marginalized. Just this year, 12 LHS Seniors served across all three of the Para Los Niños Charter Schools, working directly in classrooms with students and even running a soccer workshop.


As a parent of a LHS alumnus, I know how moving this service project is and the impression it leaves on the LHS seniors. I also know what an incredible impact it has on the students, families and staff at Para Los Niños. Please take a moment to watch the video below to hear from the students and the staff who make this extraordinary service project happen each year.
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Rick Caruso