2018 Annual Report

Thank you so much for being a part of the
Para Los Niños community,
and for believing in the children and families we serve. Our model has measurable impact on over 6,000 children and families in need each year, because of your support.

Since our founding nearly forty years ago as a safe place for children on Skid Row, we continue to serve the most vulnerable populations in Los Angeles. Our integrated model of education and comprehensive wraparound services educates children starting at six-weeks old, guides youth into college and the workforce, and provides families with critical social services to reach their full potential.

As you will see in the pages ahead, we are in the process of implementing an exciting new strategic plan. This plan, produced by our Board of Directors, staff, and key stakeholders, is designed to continue the articulation of our model, improve academic performance, recruit and retain top talent, and develop a robust data collection and collaboration system to maximize the academic and life outcomes of our children and youth.

The plan reflects three primary guiding principles:
Excellent Education: Starting as young at six-weeks, through 8th grade graduation, we provide students with the tools to succeed academically, physically, and social-emotionally.

Powerful Families: Through counseling, support groups, workshops, and clinical services, we engage parents to ensure students are supported and parents can be their best.

Strong Communities: We strengthen our neighborhoods by facilitating leadership development, educating families on wellness, and provide workforce training to connect those in need with the resources to reach their potential.

This report also features the story of a remarkable family whose sons started in our preschool and who are now in our middle school. Their journey poignantly illustrates the impact that Para Los Niños has over a sustained period of time on the lives of the children and families we serve.

It is because of you, and the support of all our donors that we are able to impact the lives of so many, so meaningfully. Our generous 2018 donors are listed in this publication, and we are deeply grateful for all of you who have joined our mission, and believe in the potential of our community.

Together, we are helping children and youth thrive.

Drew Furedi, President and CEO
Marjorie Ehrich Lewis, Board Chair
Marjorie Ehrich Lewis, Board Chair

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Maximizing Impact

We are expanding who we serve and the infrastructure to provide high-quality education, wraparound support for families, and strength in our communities. Learn how we are tracking our progress here.

The Challenge

Research continues to show that children born into low-income households have the odds stacked against them and their chance for success.
Learn more about who we serve here.

Real Impact

Our model is working and helping our students and families overcome these challenges to reach their full potential.
Learn more about our work here.

Helping Children Thrive

“The investments we make today in disadvantaged young children promote social mobility, create opportunity and foster a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive society and economy.”

Nobel Laureate in Economics, James Heckman, Professor of Economics at The University of Chicago

Maria’s Family Story

“I wanted to know that my kids were somewhere they were going to learn and be safe,” remembers Maria, who found Para Los Niños through a family friend when her sons were just out of diapers.

She was quickly impressed at the welcoming and communicative way PLN worked with families. “Anytime I have a question or a doubt about how my kids are doing, the teachers are there to help,” Maria says of the schools’ openness. She was so impressed that when the kids graduated preschool, she enrolled them in the elementary school, and then the middle school.

Maria was committed to learning and growing as well, attending nurturing parent classes and workshops as they became available. “They gave me the tools and resources I need to prepare my kids for university,” says Maria of the experiences. She adds, “They taught me how to go and ask the right questions, and made me feel confident to do so.”

Read the full story here.

Academic and life outcomes are maximized when Para Los Niños can serve students earlier, longer, and with more touch-points within a student’s community and life experience.

2017 Donor List

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