Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Our 38 year history of working with at-risk families and youth has taught us to continually evolve, adapt, and grow to best meet the needs of the communities we serve.

With our unique holistic model serving children and their families, our board of directors, families, staff, and other key external stakeholders want to see Para Los Niños become an organization that disrupts generational poverty, provides excellent education, and empowers families to create strong communities.

In conversations with stakeholders about our impact, there was one element of our work that stood out — our reputation as an organization that has greater impact on the children and families we serve the more we connected with them, and the longer we partnered to help them thrive. Ultimately, a value proposition was articulated: Academic and life outcomes are maximized when Para Los Niños can serve students earlier, longer, and with more touch-points within a student’s community and life experience. This proposition will guide our future.

Stories from our families illustrate the way all the parts of Para Los Niños work together to help a family thrive. The new strategic plan zeros in on ensuring families are both academically successful and social-emotionally healthy. We know that if a child doesn’t have a safe, nurturing environment at home, they can’t reach their potential in the classroom. Partnering with parents and communities, and providing high-quality education integrated with social-emotional health, is how we can best prepare our families for the future with the resources they need now.

To provide the highest level of education and care, we need to be internally strong and efficient. This plan looks inward to define our strengths and identify areas for opportunity to be wholly successful. We want to be sure to create opportunities for our employees to thrive too, and have long careers in our organization as we build capacity to best serve our children and families.

There is much to celebrate, and over the next five years there will be even more.

Our Model

Academic and life
outcomes are maximized
when Para Los Niños
can serve a student’s
community and life experience.

Program Goals

  1. Children and youth are physically, socially and emotionally healthy
  2. Families and communities are engaged and empowered
  3. Children and youth are developmentally and academically successful, and ready for the future
  4. Leaders execute on an organization-wide vision, implement aligned goals, and maintain a culture of compassion and excellence

System Goals

  1. Leaders have what they need to lead effective, successful teams
  2. Staff have what they need to provide excellent services
  3. Organization is financially thriving.
  4. Stakeholders develop a clear growth plan.

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To achieve these goals we need vision, top-talent, and support of donors like you. For more information on our new plan, or on our work please contact Drew Furedi at 213-250-4800.