Maria’s Family Story

“I wanted to know that my kids were somewhere they were going to learn and be safe,” remembers Maria, who found Para Los Niños through a family friend when her sons were just out of diapers.

She was quickly impressed at the welcoming and communicative way PLN worked with families. “Anytime I have a question or a doubt about how my kids are doing, the teachers are there to help,” Maria says of the schools’ openness. She was so impressed that when the kids graduated preschool, she enrolled them in the elementary school, and then the middle school.

Maria was committed to learning and growing as well, attending nurturing parent classes and workshops as they became available. “They gave me the tools and resources I need to prepare my kids for university,” says Maria of the experiences. She adds, “They taught me how to go and ask the right questions, and made me feel confident to do so.”

Bryan (far right) as a preschooler at The Tina & Rick J. Caruso,
Para Los Niños Early Education Center.

Recently, Maria noticed that Bryan was having behavioral issues at home and at school. She felt comfortable talking to school case worker Lionel Chavez, about her concern. “We were able to work together and enroll Bryan in therapy to determine what was causing him to act out, and help him to learn other ways to express himself,” remembers Lionel. “That’s one of the great things about Para Los Niños, we can help families in so many ways beyond the classroom,” says Lionel.

Maria is grateful for the impact PLN has had on her and her family. “I’ve always felt comfortable and supported here,” says Maria. She added, “From everything I’ve learned, it’s opened my mind too. That I can help not just my family, but help those in my community too.”

Maria’s family story is just one example of the incredible
impact Para Los Niños has on thousands
of families each year.

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