Para Los Niños Students Outrank Peers in California State Test

Para Los Niños Charter Elementary School students outperformed their peers at neighboring schools and, in some measures, the entire LAUSD district and the state of California on the 2018 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) exam.

Scoring higher than LAUSD in Math across third, fourth, and fifth grades – by three, two and nine points, respectively – Para Los Niños is proving their model to help low-income, at-risk students succeed.


English Language Learners especially excelled at Para Los Niños Charter Elementary School, scoring higher than the entire state of California by at least 10% in Math and English Language Arts across third, fourth, and fourth grade. With more than half of the school population being English Language Learners, these gains are significant.

“These outcomes verify the incredible work of our students and their families as well as our amazing teachers and staff,” said CEO Drew Furedi of the achievement. “We believe that every child – no matter their zip code deserves a great education and a chance to succeed. This success shows that we can work together to overcome the obstacles that so many of our families face, and have our students thrive,” said Furedi.

In addition to the success at the elementary school, Para Los Niños Charter Middle School is also making gains – showing a 9% growth in English and 5% growth over the past two-years. “So many of our students experience trauma and have to overcome so many obstacles daily,” said Principal Hassan Dornayi, “this growth shows that we can change trajectories for our students, and they can reach their potential. I look forward to continuing to build on these gains to ensure our students are prepared to succeed in college and life.”

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