PLN Charter Middle School Awarded 5-Year Charter Renewal by LAUSD

A fleet of parents, school leadership and supporters alike descended upon LAUSD HQ on November 7 to support charter schools up for renewal. Arriving as early as 6am for the 9am proceedings, District headquarters were decorated with colorful shirts, banners, and chants. Among the army of dedicated parents were some of our own Mustang families on-site to advocate the renewal of our Middle School’s charter and express their deep roots with Para Los Niños.

Veronica Solano, mother of former students at Para Los Niños charter schools:
“I have a history with Para Los Niños of 25 years. My kids attended these schools since they were in preschool. These schools have proven to be better than traditional public schools for my kids. I have had my daughters attend both kinds, and Para Los Niños has proven to be much better academically. I understand when other parents are afraid that charters affect their regular schools because more parents want now to have their kids in charters as they offer advanced education for our kids and more of us are choosing them, so regular schools are losing students.”

Patricia Santiago, mother of students at Para Los Niños charter schools:
“I’m here because I want to support Para Los Niños, because at these schools parents are valued and they allow us to be directly involved in our children’s education. The take into account our opinions as parents, and we feel connected with teachers and can be really involved. As a parent, you try to find the best school for your kids in your neighborhood, but if regular schools are not the best, then you have to look for a charter as an option. As parents, we just want the best for our kids.”

Our Charter Middle School received a unanimous vote to extend its charter well into 2022. CMS follows our Charter Elementary’ s 2016 renewal, met with similar support and its fair share of pomp and circumstance.

Story by: LA School Report