St. Valentine

Gratts Valentines

by Celeste Anlauf, Director of Donor Relations

February. Just about as soon as the calendar turns over, love is in the air — and it is Valentine’s Day.  Widely recognized as a day dedicated to love and devotion, it has a long and storied history that finds its roots in Ancient Rome.

There are two legends about two different priests named St. Valentine. The first is about a St. Valentine who supposedly helped persecuted Christians escape from prison and was martyred for it.

The second is about a St. Valentine who, while in prison himself, was said to have sent the first “Valentine” letter from prison, allegedly to the jailor’s daughter. Legend has it, this St. Valentine signed the note, “from your Valentine,” a greeting we still use today.

Whichever Saint the holiday memorializes, we generally agree he was kind, heroic and most importantly, he came from a place of love.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Para Los Niños are experiencing the same passionate and heroic love each day from every member of the PLN family.

We witness the immeasurable love of our Para Los Niños parents for their families. Their courage and determination to continue to provide for their loved ones in these difficult times is inspirational. It underscores that heroic PLN combination of bravery and grit.

We recognize the boundless love from Para Los Niños teachers. With lightning speed, they have pivoted to a new model of distance learning. Their passion for education and devotion to our PLN students ensures that our students continue to learn. And although the students are at a distance physically, they are warmly loved in the hearts of our teachers.

Finally, we appreciate the tireless devotion exhibited by our remarkable Para Los Niños staff. Over 400 strong – from our maintenance team to our CFO – these cherished members of the Para Los Niños family have created a unique community of love of which we are all proud to be a part.

We also are grateful for the continuing love and support from donors, partners, and board members. We value your time, treasure and talent.

Such a magnificent display of heroic love by every individual connected to Para Los Niños would have made the real St. Valentine blush pink with happiness that his work was being continued with such success.

No matter which of the two St. Valentine was the real one, his legacy of love and devotion is the heart and soul of Para Los Niños.

Valentines created by Gratts Primary Center and Charter Elementary School students.