Family Services

Para Los Niños’ Family Support Centers offer local families comprehensive support services designed to prevent child abuse and strengthen families.

Emotional, Social & Educational Support

Para Los Niños is committed to the emotional, social and cognitive development of children and youth who are school age.

Through a team of clinicians, specialists, case managers, family advocates and parent partners, PLN partners with parents and teachers to support young children as they learn and implement new coping strategies to develop the necessary skills to create meaningful relationships and develop academically.

Para Los Niños supports these children, youth and their parents through social skills and parenting classes, substance abuse education and support, in-home counseling, case management, mental health counseling, and classroom and teacher support. Included in School Age Services is dental support through a partnership with Eisner Pediatric for all our Middle School Students.

An innovative practice occurring at all of PLN’s charter schools is our Integrated Services Meeting, a bi-monthly meeting that brings therapist, family advocates, special education, after-school staff, school administration and teachers to plan ways to support, link and engage children and their families who may be struggling educationally, socially, or economically.

If you are looking to connect your school-aged child to mental health services, please call(213) 623-8446