Who We Are

about us


Our model fosters pathways to success through excellence in education, powerful families, and strong communities for children and youth to thrive.

Our unique approach is effective because of the aspects working together:

Excellent Education: Through our nine schools, we offer high-quality education for children starting at six-weeks through eighth grade graduation. Additionally we have after school to keep high-schoolers on track and supported through the college application process.

Powerful Families: We engage parents to be the best they can be and ensure students are supported. Providing leadership and support groups, ESL education, counseling and clinical support we empower our families to be contributors to their community.

Strong Communities: We are active in our communities to connect those in need with education and resources to succeed. We partner with dozens of agencies across LA to build trust and give voice to diverse perspectives.

Our History

Founded in 1980 in Skid Row, Para Los Niños – meaning “for the children” – was founded so that no child would be forgotten.

Para Los Ninos in 1979In October 1979, the Los Angeles Times published an article that galvanized a community. It was the first of many to spotlight the plight of children and families living in the depths of despair in Los Angeles’ inner cities.

It spoke of children living in Skid Row, locked in hotel rooms or left alone to wander dangerous neighborhood streets, while their parents worked to survive. At that time, little attention was paid to these forgotten children. Few services and safe havens existed for these young boys and girls. Ninety percent did not attend school.

Social worker Tanya Tull was inspired, and founded Para Los Niños. In 1980, the organization came to life in a factory where at-risk children, eager for a chance to learn, were offered a safe and nurturing environment filled with exploration, hope and opportunity.

Today, Para Los Niños continues to respond to the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of Southern California’s most challenging communities. The organization’s proven approach helps to build stronger, more stable families and brighter futures for children.

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