We always ask ourselves if there is a higher bar to set, if there is more to do and if have we explored all possibilities.  We achieve together through discomfort and uncertainty because we understand the urgency and obligation to strive for the best possible outcomes for our communities.

Constant Learning

We are relentless in our drive to always improve.  A learning organization actively creates its future by placing high value on feedback and development.  Our work must withstand all levels of scrutiny.


Our teams thrive when we can truly depend on one another.  We pledge to follow through on our commitments and actively seek out ways to support and collaborate with each other.  When we bring our very best as individuals, we can run to the finish line together.


Our families, team members and stakeholders come from many different heritages and histories.  Our personal stories together form a tapestry of fortitude.  We are made more resilient through these ties and hold our connection to each other as an invaluable asset.


We are at our strongest and smartest when we both acknowledge and consciously benefit from our differences.  Authentic collaboration begins at the seed stages which means we partner with stakeholders early and often.


Trust comes from alignment of our words, beliefs and actions. We operate in highest service to our communities and can engage in true collaboration with each other when trust is strong.

Staff Zoom Photo


Para Los Niños Family,

I hope you all are well. We are in a new, difficult, and unprecedented situation. We are all thinking a lot about the students, youth, and families we serve and how hard this will be for them. I know many of our families are in situations where they will lose income in the weeks ahead and I know many of you are anxious to get our sites open and get back to work but this is a necessary step to “flatten the curve.”

Here are some resources for our work during this time:

  • IT ACCESS: There are documents below on how to: access your email, access GoToMeeting, and use the VPN to get access to documents on our server (For hourly staff, VPN access is only available during regular working hours – M-F 8AM-5PM). If you are trying to organize a virtual group meeting or share your screen with colleagues, GoToMeeting is a great resource for you. As a reminder, you can access your PLN email from any computer – just follow the directions in the attached document. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Geovanni Rivas.
  •  ALL-STAFF ZOOM CALLS: Our calls are scheduled on Mondays – if you need an invitation please reach out to Anna Webb. I’ll have my camera turned on and would love to see you if you are able to do the same – otherwise there is a call in option. Please try to log in to a computer to be part of the call and see the screens shared.
  • WORKING REMOTELY: As you settle into working remotely, please make sure you’re available to your manager and communicating regularly to your teammates. Please create a safe work environment for yourself and ensure you are creating a dedicated space with as few distractions as possible.
  • STAY SAFE: Per the guidance from officials at every level, please continue to be smart about social distancing and continue to wash your hands regularly.




Email Accesss

PLN Social Distancing Protocol – 4.15.20

The Organizational Wellness Committee (OWC) is comprised of representatives all over the PLN departments and locations, and our goal is to cultivate a culture of healthy living; education and supporting employees to make life decisions to increase their own and others’ well-being.